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Garbo Art

Paintings by Sajno Doniel (1970s)

Those painting was made by the artist Sajno Doniel (1921-2001) while he was obsessively in love with GG, and as her soul would never belong to him, he decided having it at least on a canvas.



'Two Faced Greta'  (by Francesco Vezzoli)


Thanks to Patrick


Garbo honoured in giant sand portrait - Sweden 2002

A portrait of Garbo is staring up at air travellers passing over northern Sweden.

Artists in Umeaa have created a giant portrait of her using different shades of sand and dirt.They worked from an original picture and enlarged each of the 3,300 pixels in the digital image to an area of dirt 55 feet by 68 feet.

Fredrik Jonsson, 33, one of the artists, said: "It was great when we were finished. It's a bit annoying that it's so hard for us to see. One would like to see it from above."

It took a whole week to complete the portrait, and Jonsson says the weather will determine how long it lasts. "It has already rained on it," he said. "But she still looks to be in good spirits."



Garbo 'Martini girl' painting (circa 1990s)

This is a wonderful painting by "Romantic Martini Girl" ...inspired by Greta. The artists is Martina Shapiro from Canada.

Greta Garbo painting, abstract martini girl, original acrylic art by Martina Greta Garbo painting, abstract martini girl, original acrylic art by Martina

More from Martina  HERE!


Garbo 'Life mask' (circa 1930s)

A plaster life mask of Garbo from the 1930s used for make-up purposes when she worked at MGM. Housed in its own vintage black leather carrying case with GG MGM stencilled on the lid, the mask itself has been painted in an ivory color with blue eyelids (and added false eyelashes), black eyebrows, pink lipstick and a blue headdress. Additionally, a small GG is handwritten on the interior of the mask.

This was sold at Christie's in 2002.

Case: 17 inches x 11 inches x 5 inches.  It sold for nearly 1,500 USA .$


Garbo joke (by unknown)

Greta Garbo dreamed she was eating a bag of grass seed. She woke up and said, "I vant to be a lawn."


Computer drawing by Inga Schnekenburger (2002)


Unknown Artist



Unknown Artist



Unknown Artist



Unknown Artist


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