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Garbo-Caps by Theo

* Mata Hari
* Grand Hotel
* Queen Christina

I am Theo. I live in Holland. Ever since I was a little boy, i like pictures. I can remember, being 4 years old, looking every day in a book that was full with pics. This love has never died and became a passion. When I was 6, i started to collect pics from everywhere: newspapers, magazines, you name it...

Now I am 49 and have hundreds of thousands pics on many subjects. The arts and artists are the most important in my collections: about more than 1100 artists, I collected pics and interviews. Since I have a programm on the pc with which i can also make pics of DVD's, i like to make my own views on movies: surroundings or other persons that are not to my convenience, are swept away or painted out.

Details i enlarge or make them smaller. In the case of Garbo, this means i concentrate on her, on close-ups especially.  Photographers, i am VERY grateful for all the pleasure they gave and give me, along with moviemakers and artists of course. That's why I dedicate "my" pics to BEAUTY.


Theo's Mata Hari caps











Theo's Grand Hotel caps







Theo's Queen Christina caps














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