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Caricatures by David Lee


Hi this is David Lee, I was born in Corinth, Miss (USA) (October 25, 1964) when my mother found out that I am hearing-impaired when I was one years old after my ear test. I was grew up in a middle-class so I moved to live in a dorm at Knoxville, Tennessee (USA) for the Deaf  School 1970-1977 then  moved back to Memphis, To be with hearing people at Public School until I graduated 1984 so I studied my arts and religion for five years in Birmingham, Alabama until graduated 1999 and got a full time job at Library for life!


David G. Lee, 2006

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My Garbo

When I saw a picture of Garbo that my mother showed it to me when I was teenager because I wanted to know about Garbo. I saw Ninotchka first time in my life so I attracted her face and styles that how I became her fan and drew many sketches of Garbo! I collected a lot of Garbo books, photos, postcards, posters, etc! I got an idea to dress up like Greta Garbo for Halloween Day Oct 31, 2005. I enjoyed to dress as Garbo drag! They loved it! Thank you, all Garbo fans for support!

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Dave in Garbo Drag
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Garbo Art - Introduction


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