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The Faces of Harriet Brown
- Garbo inspired book by Ulf Wolf -


Ulf Wolf. I was raised in Northern Sweden by trolls, but am now based in Southern California. Over the years I have appeared in Recursive Angel, Locus Novus, Café Irreal, and many other fine online magazines. I have written four novels, four novellas, and two scores of stories. More is underway

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Pictures from the Artwork


About the book

Throughout her life, Greta Garbo used the alias Harriet Brown when she wanted to remain anonymous. This novel is loosely based on Garbo's life, from the view of the fictional son that she, to the best of my knowledge, never had, which shows, again to the best of my knowledge, who Garbo truly was, at heart, in spirit. It was released 2006 in English language.

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The Plot

Born in 1928, Nachiketa Krishnamurti is raised in India by his paternal grandmother who teaches him to speak to snakes. His father, Jiddu, is a well-known mystic who is rarely home. His mother is never discussed.At the age of 23, Jiddu reveals to Nachiketa that his mother is the reclusive Swedish film star, “Harriet Brown.” Nachiketa and Harriet do eventually meet and together embark on a decades-long spiritual journey of sporadic meetings, prolonged silences, and extraordinary shared experiences complete with ancient snakes, trolls, and a mysterious white horse. Recalling Yann Martel's Life of Pi, Harriet Brown is rich in literary detail. Astute readers will recognize references to Mark Helprin's A Winter's Tale, and film buffs will easily identify Greta Garbo as the actress on whom Harriet is based (and who used the alias “Harriet Brown” frequently throughout her life.)

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